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T460p LTE module for Linux and the m.2 NVME bracket

2018-04-13, 13:39 PM

I am looking to addd EM7455 4G module and NVME bracket from T470p to put M.2 Samsung 960 Pro. My question is whether I can have both of this, or they use same lines and slots? I am using linux.


Also, I need poiner for correct part number of NVME bracket. Thanks in advance. 


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Re: T460p LTE module for Linux and the m.2 NVME bracket

2018-04-13, 20:12 PM



you can install the T470p bracket with FRU 01HY319. This goes in your 2.5 bay. See the pictures on this post.



As far as NVMe drives go, the 960 Pro is wasted money. The T460p is limited to 2x PCIe lanes and you are looking at maximum sustained speeds of 1800/1600 for read/write, almost half of what the 960 Evo/Pro are capable of. So either drive will not be a bottleneck. The higher price of the Pro is due to it being able to maintain the write sequential speed (of around 3000MB/s) for all file sizes written, while the 960 Evo will scale down to 600MB/s after the first 13GB. If you write files that are larger than 13GB all day, only then the Pro will make a small difference. 


The difference is large when there are 4 PCIe lanes, since the Pro maintains 3000MB/s while the Evo after the first 13GB will go back to 600MB/s. But with 2 PCIe lanes, the difference is 1500MB/s vs 600MB/s and while it is still significant it is not worth the extra.


If you write smaller files (as is typical) the Evo keeps up and has no speed difference in write to the Pro. I hope this makes sense. The Evo is the sensible buy unless you know that you need the Pro.


As for the WWAN, I haven't tried the NVMe mod + WWAN. I can tell you that as soon as you connect the NVMe + adapter in the 2.5 bay, the 2242 slot of the WWAN does not recognise a SATA drive anymore.


The idea is that the two slots share the 2 PCIe lanes. When a SATA drive is connected to the 2.5 bay, it only uses 1 PCIe lane, and 1 is left for a SATA drive on the WWAN slot. 


Now the T460p's only NVMe sock option was the Toshiba 256GB SATAExpress drive. The adapter of the T470p is a PCIe to SATAExpress adapter, as such when you use it, the system behaves the same as with the stock Toshiba drive.


Now Lenovo sold the T460p WITH the Toshiba AND LTE in the WWAN slot. As such one could only guess that the combination should still be possible with the NVMe bracket too.


The idea is that the WWAN is running on a USB bus (like the WLAN), which is separate (?), and as such does not require a PCIe lane. I might be wrong on how this actually works, but I think you will need to try and let us know.


I cannot help with the LTE and Linux, I personally tether with my phone and I find it much more convenient (one plan/contract) as I can use WiFi (phone charging nearby) or USB tether (no Wifi on laptop). Both clearly work great in linux (ubuntu).


I hope this helps.

Thinkpad T480s, Thinkpad T460p
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