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Punch Card
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T460p fingerprint scanner not working?

Dear Lenovo forum,


Is this working as intended? I have my computer set to sleep automatically when I close the lid.


For example, I go to bed, close the lid, I wake up open the lid and it prompts me to use the fingerprint scanner or to type in the password manually.


So I roll / put my finger that is recognized by  the scanner to try and log in, and 9/10 times it does not work. Instead I have to type in my password. But this defeats the whole purpose of me getting the T460p with the fingerprint scanner.


The only way it works is if I start it up from sleep, type in my password, then close the lid again, slide/ roll my finger then it works and recognizes my fingerprint.


How do I fix this ??





Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: T460p fingerprint scanner not working?

I don't mean to insult you, but are you sure you are using the fingerprint scanner correctly?  You mentioned slide/roll, but this is not the best way to get your fingerprint to read on the touch sensor of T460p.  You just press/hold your finger on the sensor until it is read.


For the 9/10 times where it does not work, do you get any error message?  Or is your finger press simply ignored?

Is the green LED of the fingerprint reader coming on?

Punch Card
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Re: T460p fingerprint scanner not working?



Thanks for the advice, I think I will try the method you mentioned. But sometimes I do feel like exactly as you say, but it still won't work.


But I'll leave it there for a while and just be still, and press down? I think the reason why I said I rolled / slid on it is because on my T430s it has a fingerprint scanner as well but its requires you to roll / slide you finger rather than just placing it still to absorb your entire fingerprint.





Blue Screen Again
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Re: T460p fingerprint scanner not working?

On my T440s, the fingerprint reader is 'disabled' after each wake-up from sleep.
I have to wait for around 20 seconds for it to be enabled.
It happens with my touchpad as well. It looks like Windows is slow to load each devices ... (?)

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