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T460p mini displayport not working

Hello all,


I recently purchases a mini displayport to displayport adapter to connect my Thinkpad T460p laptop to an external monitor. I noticed that whenever I would connect the monitor through the adapter the laptop could not see it. I got frustrated looking for solutions, so I tried an HDMI cable, and the laptop instantly found the monitor and I could use it.


I would not like to use an HDMI cable though, as all the HDMI ports on this particular monitor are already occupied, and the HDMI standard does not support 2560x1440 resolution at 144 Hz.


Is it possible that the mini displayport to displayport adapter is broken? Why does my laptop not see the monitor?


This is the adapter:



Paper Tape
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Re: T460p mini displayport not working

I have the same problem. The mini display port frequently stops working for some unknown reasons. This issue occurs both on Windows and GNU/Linux. Using the HDMI, the mini display at the same time works at time, but then there are days it simply doesnot work. I have noticed though, sometimes if I changed the amount of memory allocated to the display on the BIOs and reboot, it fixes it, sometimes. Sometimes I have to turn off the machine, remove the battery and wait, then try again. It is a frustrating problem, which seems to occur mainly on the t460p

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Re: T460p mini displayport not working


maybe try other cable. It's possible the DP  cable has some issues.

I bought the lenovo mini dp cable  on and have had no issues so far.

 It's of very good quality, compared to some cables included by DELL with their monitors.

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