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Blue Screen Again
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T460s Battery Issue - Not Charging

Hello Community!


Specs: T460s bought 10/2016 was working flawless until now

Updates: Windows 10 updated

                 BIOS Updated (1.31) and downgraded again (1.30)

                 Lenovo Software: updated

                 Latest Power Management Firmware


Issue: Auxiliary Battery Shown as "poor condition" not charging - shown as charging 0% ( Battery Reset Fails )

           Main Battery "good" -  shown as "not charging" even < 20% Capacity



  • Main: 96 Cycles, 11.40V, has 20 Wh, expected 23 Wh, "not charging" -> in fact is charging when other battery disabled
  • Aux: 163 Cycles, 11.98V, has 3Wh, expected 26 Wh, 0%, "charging" -> does nothing




  • Disable Faulty Battery: showing main battery as "not charging" but in fact it is charging.
  • Reset Aux battery: Not working
  • BIOS --> Power --> Disable Battterys --> Restart: Not helping
  • BIOS Downgrade 1.31--> 1.30: Not helping


Does anyone have those issues as well?

Any Ideas?


Thanks and kind regards!




Fanfold Paper
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Re: T460s Battery Issue - Not Charging

Adding my voice here, have the exact same problem, just cropped up 5 March 18
Fanfold Paper
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Re: T460s Battery Issue - Not Charging

A possible semi resolution although it does not identify the underlying reason.

I have essentially the identical system / configuration on a T460s with exactly the same issue on battery 2 (poor condition since about 4 months, battery guage reset fails for unknown error). As of a few days ago battery two stopped taking a charge and eventually fully discharged.

I forced a total discharge of battery 1 to zero charge by running an App (Nook) that I knew does not let the computer sleep.

After a period of full discharge, I plugged it in again and battery 2 recharged (99%) as did of battery 1 (full).

An imperfect resolution but at least it returned 2 to service.

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