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Blue Screen Again
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T460s - Very Disapointed

I got an t460s last augest, and I have to say, for the price I paid, I am really disapointed. I had better luck with my 500 dollar HP laptop, and my old t420. Firstly, my T460s had an unfortunate fall the other day. It fell from 2 and a half feet, and it was in semi-padded bag. The hinge ended up breaking. This was not covered under warretny, and as a student, its hard to have to pay for such stupid fixes. I bought this thing because it was (supposidly) tough. I could have gotten an Macbook pro, but I loved my old thinkpad too much. The hinge ended up snapping (litterally, the plastic piece snapped off of the screen. The rest of the laptop was completly fine! No dens, blemishes, nothing, just an crappily put together hinge. Secondly, the screen (lg one), started turning yellowish (not from smoke, or other chemicals, I've saw this happen on one of my schools old thinpads used by one of the administrators). This was however covered under warrenty, and they are going to fix it. I love this laptop, but with silliy probeblms like this (for 1500!!!!!!!), I can't recomend it. I was hoping this laptop was going to last my from now, thru at least the first year of university. If lenovo can replace this hinge, mabye I'll change my mind. Attached is an picture of the hinge.


Update: Its 280 dollars (plus labor), to replace an hinge!!!

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