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Paper Tape
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T460s loose left hinge losse from screen rear cover assembly, suggestions?

My son dropped my T460s from a low drawer table (<50cm height). Right after that I checked and something must have cracked around the left screen hinge. I believe the hinge itself is not broken. Opening up the lid pulls the hinge properly and you don't see any problem:



But when closing down the rear cover pushes the hinge and something is loose there, so it bends dangerously:



Following some instructions on the internet I was able to remove the front adhesive screen bezel cover and check the screen hinge part. It all looked ok there. I also removed the exposed screen side hinge screws, and I did not see what was broken. Maybe that part is fine but it is detached from the rear cover somewhere else around there.


This device is out of warranty, so I want to check what are my repair options:

- What exactly is broken? Do I need a rear cover replacement?

- Is it something doable by myself? I don't find videos from Lenovo on how to do this, only some amateurish one in Youtube.

- If this is not enough information for diagnostic, what else should I inspect?

- Is this something I could ask Lenovo to repair? How much would that cost?


Any advice would be welcome.


UPDATE: peering through the bent crack with a torch I am almost sure I see the molds were the hinge screws go detached from the rear cover. I thought that was a single piece, or maybe it just cracked anyway. I wonder if using a proper glue in there could be a lasting fix.





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Re: T460s loose left hinge losse from screen rear cover assembly, suggestions?

See below for videos for repair.


Also look at the HMM(hardware maintenance manual)


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Paper Tape
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Re: T460s loose left hinge losse from screen rear cover assembly, suggestions?



I think these are the videos (in order) related to my issue:


To prepare the laptop to work on its repair:


To prepare the laptop to give it to someone else for repair, (in case I go that way):

So that they don't have access to my data (even if my SSD was encrypted).


To remove the broken the rear screen cover:


Re-mount the screen on the NEW rear screen cover:


SSD mount back in:


Mount back batteries and bottom cover:


I'd say it is definitely doable with this thorough instructions, but I am up for at least a fun whole afternoon. And without kids around, of course.

Also these are quite a lot of steps and quite a lot pieces and screws... better have a little bag for the screws of each piece and room enough to lay down the pieces while they wait to be replaced.


The only missing piece of the puzzle for me now is if Lenovo would sell me the part I need for this repair:

00JT994 LCD,Rear,Cover,WQHD

Let's see...

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