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T470 M.2 2242 compatible drives?


I have a new T470 sitting here. I'd like to use a 2242 SSD (128 or 256GB) in the WWAN slot to run my system off, and also - as a separate data drive - use a 2.5" SSD that I have in my current work laptop .

Are there any official recommendations, or a positive experiences as to which 2242 drives are compatible with the T470? I know there have been issues with the T450 and 460, so I'm reluctant to just buy one to realize it doesn't work.




Token Ring
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Re: T470 M.2 2242 compatible drives?

At 256GB the MydigitalSSD Super Boot 2 is a popular choice. 512GB is just Transcend and while BIOS 1.3 broke that the 1.39 BIOS last week fixed it. 


I am watching this like a hawk because while I don't have a T470 I will buy an Anniversary 25 which is the T470 with a usable keyboard and so I need to know everything about the T470 expansion situation. It's sad it can only have two SSDs (my T420s can have three) but I can live with two. (Living with a single one would be ... difficult.)

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