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T470 PCIe NVMe SSD slow write speed and not long-lasting battery

My new purchased T470s laptop (Serial Number: PC0S7E53 Machine Type Model: 20HGS24J00) is equiped with a 256GB PCLe SSD. The SSD is neither Samsung nor Toshiba. It's called LENSE20256MSP34MEAT2A ?! I don't even know how to search the specs of such part, as there is totally no information for such ssd in Google!


But the key point is the SSD obtained a relatively low write speed compared with other NVMe SSD. As shown in test record by crystaldiskmark, the write speed is only 160 MB/s. Is this normal? Is it possible to ask for a change of SSD? Because my purchase is still within 7 days.

Untitled (2).png


Also, the battery is not that long-lasting as it claimed to be (10.5 hours). I charged until 100% and use the laptop for document reading with some online search in Wikipedia. The battery performance has been set to "better battery" and I didn't play videos and music in the process. The battery runs into 17% in 4 to 5 hours. Although I didn't expect it will hit 10.5 hours, but it is too much beyond that????


Could everyone help me with this? Is it normal or is that any possible solutions? Thank you! 

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Re: T470 PCIe NVMe SSD slow write speed and not long-lasting battery

There is nothing but complaints about these Lenovo branded drives. If you search this forum you will find that write speeds are typically in the 300MB/s for the 512GB drive, so maybe the 256 is even slower. I cannot tell, but indeed this is not good and since the read speed is normal for NVMe the bus seems to work ok. The only thing I can offer is that once Windows 10 finishes with the first barrage of updates, the drive will settle and you will experience more of the fast read speed and less of the slow write speed. Or you can sell it and buy a new drive.

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