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T470 charging from USB Type-C

My original 45W slim connector charger failed and I decided I wanted to try charging with the Type-C port, which was on option when I originally configured the laptop. I purchased a Karstcave wall charger which claims to be able to charge 61W using all the following protocols PD3.0 / PD2.0 / QC 3.0 / QC 2.0 / FCP / PE2.0 / BC1.2. However when I plug it in to the type C port, I get an error that the power delivery of the charger is insufficient for the laptop (It was only consuming 8W at the time). This is silly since techically this charger is more powerful than the previous one I had. The battery indicator also showed that neither battery was being charged.


The charger is listed for PD delivery at: 5V/3A, 7V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20.3V/3A

What is going wrong in this setup? Is there somewhere I can enable type-C charging? I can't even find a way to know what power level the charger negotiated with the laptop. Does the T470 follow a particular protocol or is it proprietary?

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Re: T470 charging from USB Type-C



Sorry I cant answer all your questions someone else might.


I do know there is no setting to turn on on usb-c charging.  On my tp 25 it came with a slim tip adapter.  However I use the following

and it works fine.  I just plug it in to the usb c port.  Nothing to turn on.


Also here is the tech specs


usb c charger.JPG


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Re: T470 charging from USB Type-C

The standard for usb-c power delivery is complicated.  It allows power supplies to deliver power at 4 different voltages and capacities up to 100w, but many power supply makers have interpreted the rules incorrectly, or at least differently from computer manufacturers.  If the negotiations between the power supply and the laptop are not successful, the laptop simply won't take power.  People have been successful using Lenovo chargers and also several power supplies from several other vendors.  I have one that I use.  You can search the forum.  I am not familiar with the one you tried.


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