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Fanfold Paper
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T470 fan runs excessively after ssd upgrade



So I recently added an additional 8gb of RAM to my T470 as well as a 2.5 inch SAMSUNG EVO 860 500gb SSD.   I did the upgrade in stages, starting with the RAM.  After rebooting I didn't notice any issues and proceed to use the laptop without issue for 2 days. 


I then cloned the original harddrive and transferred it to the SSD.  I installed it without issue, however, I noticed the fan run a lot more, whereas previously it hardly ever came on.  The air coming out of the  vent is warm, so it's clearly trying to cool down the system.


Is this a common issue with 2.5 inch SSD installs? Should I have tried to repurpuse the aluminum foil cover on my old HD and put it on the new SSD?



Fanfold Paper
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Re: T470 fan runs excessively after ssd upgrade

Ok, I checked task manager and noticed that "microsoft windows search filter host" was using up over 30% of the CPU.  When I ended the process, the fans would stop.  Apparently it's possible to fix this issue by rebuilding the index.  I started the process, but it was taking forever. 


In the end, I opted instead to put the old hd back in and so far no issues with the fans.  I'm thinking I have to do a fresh install of windows if I want to use the SSD moving forward.

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Re: T470 fan runs excessively after ssd upgrade

The indexer service sometimes decides it needs to rebuild the index to solve possible corruption issues.

I don't know how it detects the need, but cloning the drive probably tripped the "better rebuild this index" algorythm.


There are a number of people that have issues with the indexer.... from time to time.

It should NOT be necessary to re-install the OS to resolve it.
I had the problem a while back and somehow got the index rebuilt (It did take several hours) ...

I'm travelling now and don't have access to my notes on the issue.


Here's one thread:

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