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T470 - hopw much SSD can I put into it.

I am currently the happy owner of a T430. I have 750gb SSD in my HDD bay, 250gb SSD in the M2 bay and a 1.5 TB harddisk in the DVD slot.


I need, as you can see, a lot of storage capacity. I would like to by a new laptop - preferably Lenovo T470 (TPs have served me extremely well since its inception). Now, it appears I cannot get so much storage in a new T470.


Samsung recently announced 970 EVO NVMe M.2. with 2TB. I was wondering if I can install this in a T470 and how I can possibly add to this. So, my basic question is, how much of what storage can I put in a new T470 as it currently stands.

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Re: MDT 2012 Drivers t460s / T470s - NVMe0 SSD



I'd expect that 2TB SSD to work as long as it's 2280, PCIe,  and you have the SSD mounting bracket and cable in the T470.  But that's just an educated guess at this point.


The 470 also has a 2242 m.2 SATA slot (the WWAN/SSD slot) that can be used to add capacity.  To my knowledge the largest available is 512GB.


Minor nit: your T430 has an mSATA slot, not m.2.


BTW, your post subject doesn't seem to quite match the content.



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