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Paper Tape
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T470s + Ultra Dock does not display on two external monitors with laptop cover open

My company has issue me a Lenovo T470s and an Ultra Dock to replace my existing equipment. I have two external monitors connected to the docking station with display port cables. The problem that I am experiencing is that if the laptop is docked and the cover is open, I get video on the laptop display and one external monitor. The other external monitor gets no signal and goes to sleep. If I close the laptop cover, I get video on both external monitors. A co-worker told me that this was working as designed and that the solution for getting video on all three monitors was to connect one external monitor to one of the display ports and the other to the DVI port. (He hadn't tested this configuration and is using two display ports with the laptop cover closed.) I tried my coworker's suggestion and got the same result but prior to switching to DVI, I downloaded and installed the latest(?) driver for the HD Graphics 620 adapter from this website ( and that seemed to solve the problem (when using two display ports) but after shutting the laptop down, I had the same issue the next day.


What I want, is to have the laptop cover open and still be able to use two external monitors and get optimal resolution on all three monitors. What's the best configuration for achieving this? (Don't guess, like my co-worker. Give me something you've tested and that you can confirm that it works.)

Paper Tape
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Re: T470s + Ultra Dock does not display on two external monitors with laptop cover open

Btw, I just checked with one of my Desktop Support Analysts in Brisbane and he said that he's running with two display port cables without any issues. He also alerted me to the fact that the display ports are labelled "1" and "2" and that if I go with a DP + DVI configuration, that I should use DP1. I haven't had a chance to try that yet. Since he's running on both DPs, I would like to do the same if possible.

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Re: T470s + Ultra Dock does not display on two external monitors with laptop cover open


Ultra Dock def. should support 3 independent displays ( 2 ext. monitors + internal display ). see this list, unfortunately the Tx70 line is not included in this list.

I have this setup with a T460p ( hd530)

you might want to try updating dock's firmware.

If you open intel graphics setup and go to display / multiple displays,  how many displays are detected?


Which monitor goes blank, the one connected to bank 1 ( dp/hdmi ) or bank 2 (dp/dvi )? What happens of you disconnect the monitor that does not go into standby?

You wrote, that you got it working until shutdown.  Is fastboot option enabled? If yes disable it.
What happens if you restart system instead of shutdown?

I would suggest this steps.

1. update dock firmware if needed, follow the instructions in the readme file and power off the system after update for a few seconds. Maybe disconnect the AC plug from dock for a few seconds too.

2. check if you have installed intel display driver version or newer.  this is the version with fixes regarding  two connected displays 

3. disconnect both monitors, set projector mode to laptop screen only and reboot system

4. connect 1st monitor  and enable it  (extend)

5. connect 2nd monitor and enable it

6. try shutdown / and boot cycle


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