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T470s Win10pro, touchpad 2-finger scroll problems

Hi. I bought a brand new Thinkpad T470s with Win10pro preinstalled. I have installed all latest win10 updates and lenovo updates and also BIOS is updated. I have the following problems that are most likely caused by Touchpad and the fact that it is a Microsoft Precision Touchpad.


- I had to set "Choose how many lines to scroll" to value 8 in Settings/Mouse to get adequate scrolling speed in Google Chrome and most of other apps that I use


- 2-finger scrolling freezes and delays now and then in SimpleNote

- there is no way to adjust 2-finger scrolling speed in File Explorer and MS Edge Explorer. "Choose how many lines to scroll each time" setting in "Settings" and "Control Panel/Mouse" has no effect on touchpad 2-finger scrolling speed. I dont really use Edge as I prefer Chrome but this slow scrolling in File Explorer is unacceptable. Even my old Thinkpad X201 is better.

- 2-finger scrolling in Device Manager is too jumpy and slow to use comfortably

- 2-finger scrolling in MS Word 2010 was also jumpy couple of times, but most of the time it works OK

- I use Gmail in a separate window which I created from Chrome with "Add to desktop" option and "Open as window" checked. When Gmail is used from this separate window, 2-finger scrolling is jumpy and delayed, also very unacceptable.



I suspect that these problems must be somehow caused by that Touchpad is Microsoft Precision Touchpad. Is there any solution to these problems?




When these problems are solved I have another problem: "Choose how many lines to scroll" affects both mouse and touchpad. I want different value for mouse. I have Logitech Marathon mouse but I have not yet installed manufacturer driver. Should it solve this problem?


There is still one app (Piriform Speccy) where it is difficult to scroll with both touchpad and mouse, settings have no effect on this, but it is not serious problem as I used it rarely.



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