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T480 - Fibocom L850-GL WWAN card showing as USB device (not PCIE) and stopping with errors on sleep.

2018-06-30, 20:54 PM

 Hello All,


New T480 with the Fibocom L850-GL wwan card. Clean install of Windows 10 Pro x64, Redstone 4 (v. 1803). All Windows Updates applied. All Lenovo updates applied through the Vantage app via the Microsoft Store, and manually checked from the support page of the website (BIOS, WWAN, etc. updates). Following the manual, I pulled the external battery, disabled the internal battery, then inserted my T-Mobile USA sim card, then reassembled everything, then rebooted. Manually installed the latest L580-GL drivers from Lenovo.


First off, the L850-GL is being shown as a USB device, as opposed to PCIE, with a hardware device instance path of USB\VID_8087&PID_0AC9&MI_00\7&4FA6012&0&0000, and a hardware location of 0000.0000.0000. in the properties dialogue screen in Device Manager. The Driver tab shows the provider is Microsoft with a date of 4/10/2018 and a version of 10.0.17134.1.... I suspect much of that to be a sign that something isn't right from the get-go...


Second, every time I close the lid of the machine or leave it running long enough to enduce the proper level of sleep/hibernation, the card simply stops (with a hardware error 43 warning in Device Manager). At that point, my "T-Mobile LTE" network option no longer appears in the Windows 10 notification/network connections sidebar.


My only recourse thus far has been to uninstall the L850 in device manager, "Scan for Hardware Changes", which then reinstalls the card, then shutdown, reboot, and it will work again but only until the next time I sleep the machine. Still, it's being mounted incorrectly as a USB device and it doesn't appear the drivers and/or the BIOS are properly handling the card. Additionally, I have also uninstalled and re-installed Windows entirely, plus removed and reinstalled both the WWAN drivers and the SIM card multiple times. Nothing has changed.


From the sounds of it, do you think I might have a faulty card? Or is it just immature/buggy drivers from Fibocom/Lenovo that are not playing well with the T480's motherboard/BIOS, for which I'll have to wait until then push out more updates?


Thanks for any help you can lend,



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Re: T480 - Fibocom L850-GL WWAN card showing as USB device (not PCIE) and stopping with errors on sl

2018-07-22, 8:27 AM

Hey Trip,


I just got my T480 a few days ago and my Fibocom card is working fine for the most part.

I'm currently traveling, so I've been using a lot of mobile data on trains and the like. I did have a problem twice that after multiple suspends the cellular option disappeared. Didn't really have the time to check on the status of the device in the device manager, but a restart solved the issue immediately each time.


All in all, that card has been working quite well for me (for now).


My device instance path and hardware location are shown the same as yours. I'm using version 10.0.16299.492 of the driver from 6/7/2018.


I'm using the Windows installation that came from Lenovo for now and haven't had a chance to upgrade the OS yet. Version is 1709.


So, sounds like either OS or driver updates are the problem, or you do have a faulty card.


I'll make a point of posting an update here in case I experience any problems once I've updated things.




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Re: T480 - Fibocom L850-GL WWAN card showing as USB device (not PCIE) and stopping with errors on sl

2018-07-23, 9:51 AM

please, read the thread and, in particular, the post I've linked:

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Re: T480 - Fibocom L850-GL WWAN card showing as USB device (not PCIE) and stopping with errors on sl

2018-07-23, 12:15 PM



Thanks for chiming in with your experience. Interstingly enough, the L850 behavior appears to have stabilized for about 2 weeks now and I'm getting proper reconnection when waking from sleep, hibernation and after cold bootups (*knock on wood*). The funny thing is I can't figure out what changed on the system, as I've looked back at the Windows Update history and haven't seen any chipset or network updates, nor have there been any updates from Lenovo via the WUP Vantage app or legacy System Update program (I believe they pull from the same server/repository, though I still choose to use both).




Thanks for the alert on today's update for the L850. I just downloaded and installed it, and I haven't noticed any discernable differences in behavior yet, but as I mentioned above it's been working pretty well for about 1-2 weeks with the previous driver version, and behavior with the new version at least appears no worse. I'll continue to observe for improvements, if I see any.


The only thing I can figure at this point is perhaps it took a bit of teething for the system and/or T-Mobile to get used to the SIM and/or the IMEI association coming from this machine, as I was using it in a ThinkPad X1 Yoga 1G up until the day I transplanted into the T480. Not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I figured I would mention it, for anectdotal evidence if nothing else.


Thanks again for your help guys. I'll report back if anything changes, but for now, all looks good.


- Trip

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