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Fanfold Paper
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T480 - High cpu temperature when AC charger is connected




 I bought the T480 and received on 4th May.


 I found out that the CPU temperature is high when the USB-C charger is connected (Idle 45~ degrees celcius) and up to 60 degrees celcius


 thus making the fan noise.




 I thought it was the same ACPI issue so i've disabled the thunderbolt 3 I/O port thorugh the UEFI setup however the the idle temperature

 remains up to 45~50 degrees celcius when the USB-C is connected even the performance is set to better battery life power-mode.


My T480 does not have dual heatpipe cpu cooler due to integrated graphics.


 Is it normal to be 45~50 idle and 60~70 when the cpu is working with USB-C charger plugged in becuase of maximum performance setup in UEFI?


 Using HWMonitor, i can see the VID #0-#4 is 1.0~ 1.1V with USB-C Charger on, 0.5~0.6V with the battery.


 Any idea what's going on? I'm not sure whether it is normal to have 45~50 for idle and 70 when loaded..




Fanfold Paper
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Re: T480 - High cpu temperature when AC charger is connected



we have the same problem with our lenovo t480 (i5), recently we purchased a test batch 5 laptops and each of them was heated when working from the charger to 90-95 degrees Celsius, while that on the laptop at this moment is not running any heavy applications,


in our opinion, this is completely unacceptable, the plastic of the notebook strongly revels from this temperature with prolonged heating,


Do we need to get an official response from Lenovo or we need open a warranty case directly?



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