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T480 Internal Battery discharging issue

I've discovered a good while back that Lenovo has decided to allow the internal battery to discharge first on ThinkPads with the bridge battery system depending on which battery has a lower wear level. This has been discussed multiple times such as in the following links:


Lenovo has not responded to the multitude of customer requests and complaints in regards to this issue.


The other day my internal battery was discharging first. To my surprise, the battery guage got stuck at 7% for a long time so I knew something was wrong. So I reboot my system, and when the computer rebooted, I got an error message saying that the internal battery could not be detected. When I got home I charged the battery and discovered that the internal battery had drained all the way to 0%... Instead of switching to the external battery while leaving some battery left on the internal battery, the system allows the internal battery to drain completely, thus rendering the whole hot swappable/bridge battery feature useless (not to mention that this is terrible for the lifespan of the battery).


Seriously if you are thinking of buying the T480... pass and look elsewhere until they fix this discharging sequence. One of the top reasons I chose the T480 over other laptops was the bridge battery system, but if I had known that Lenovo chose to make it behave this way, I would have easily passed and chosen a different machine like the T480s or X1 Carbon so I wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of having a 2 battery system that chooses to discharge in an illogical sequence.


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Re: T480 Internal Battery discharging issue

I agree!

Totally crazy...


I tried to give you a kudo and tick the box that I have this question also, but the forum would not register it.

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Re: T480 Internal Battery discharging issue

I'd also like to get this behavoir changed. We should be able to indicate which battery discharges first (or just discharge external first). I just bought a new T480 and it has the following stats:


Main/Internal battery: 6 cycle count (down to 5% when I last checked).

Removable battery: 0 cycle count


Please fix this!




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Re: T480 Internal Battery discharging issue

Is there any update on this? This is a horrible design decision.
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Re: T480 Internal Battery discharging issue

If I had known before of this problem, I never choose to buy a Lenovo laptop. They call this a "business" line?! Where's the support after all this time? They surely have lost a customer.

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Re: T480 Internal Battery discharging issue



Lenovo needs to fix this. Also note: 12 cycle count and battery is in bad health? I set the charge thresholds at 50-55% thinking this would keep the battery healthy. Started using this on 9/28/18. 5 month lifetime!?

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Re: T480 Internal Battery discharging issue

Hello Lenovo.... anybody there to answer to us?


After two recent BIOS updates, the internal battery still drains first, despite it's charge capacity is lower than that of the external battery. Could somebody from Lenovo be at least a bit professional and address this issue, i.e. reply to hunderds of posts related to this?



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Re: T480 Internal Battery discharging issue


I have exactly the same problem -after 40 cycles my battery is in weak condition too!!!

Why I have to pay money for this laptop I will go and buy ASUS.



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Re: T480 Internal Battery discharging issue

I have this T480 for one year, I also bought the high capacity batteries hoping to enjoy long working hours on the road, this is a business line laptop, robust and smooth... I cannot believe this battery draining issue is never resolved in 2019, with a little patch in bios, it can easily be fixed.


This laptop advertises its key advantage is the hot swap battery, long working hours...etc... which is not the real case. I now stuck with this fully loaded workhorse with short battery life.

Very very disappointed. 

Lenovo, please help us....


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