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T480 Replacing NVMe 256 to SataIII 1TB

Hello all,


I have been trying to replace my NVMe 256Gb with an Adata SSD 1TB i bought. I did get the proper SATA wire to fit in.

After trying multiple times to clone and image/restore from my NVMe ssd to the SATA ssd, here i am.


Every time, it ends up with a blue screen saying "Inacessible Boot Device".

At first i created the clone using a USB to Sata adapter multiple times.

Then tried to create an Image to  another external SSD to then install my Sata SSD and boot using Macrium reflect's rescue usb key and restore the image into the normally plugged in Sata SSD.

Each time i got to my beautiful blue screen "Inacessible Boot Device". For each attempt i did try an Auto-repair from Windows (Windows 10 is the OS) as well as Macrium Reflect's Boot repair tools but none is working.


I am wondering if there is something i simply don't know or if there's an incompatibility with my new SATA SSD?

When going in BIOS and looking for boot priorities, i do see my new SSD so i guess it is properly plugged in and the issue resides somewhere else.


Is there a configuration i must change since it's going from NVMe to SATA ssd?

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