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Blue Screen Again
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T480 - Scratches all over the screen

Hi, the display of my T480 that I bough in November, 2018, has scratches from the keyboard and the pointer that appeared after closing the lid. I always carry my laptop in a sleeve and a "slip" between the keyboard and the display (otherwise the scratches could have been even bigger!). I thought that I'm buying a business-product for 1500€ that will accompany me for a couple of years during my work at the University. Unfortunately, the scratches are really annoying, and the told me that it is a purely "optical" flaw, not subject to warranty, and if I really want to, I should contact you in the first place. Which I am doing, because I find it really disappointing of Lenovo, as I bought your laptop due to your excellent reputation. The scratches are definately there because of the construction of the laptop. What do you say about that? 





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Re: T480 - Scratches all over the screen



I just sent my laptop back to Lenovo for a warranty claim for the same problem. THey have now said its Customer Induced Damage, and not covered by warranty. This is totally rediculous as the scratches match up perfectly with the keyboard and the mouse pointer and all. WOrst of all they dare ask me to pay £470 to repair it!


@Lenovo, come on guys, this is clearly an issue for many people here. Cover this under warranty.

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Re: T480 - Scratches all over the screen

I have this issue as well, and I agree its a poor design.
I bought the accidental damage coverage, so sometime before the warranty runs out I'll have the screen replaced. 


Some other brands (Dell is one I saw yesterday) have small rubber "bumpers" around the edges of the keyboard to guarantee an

"air gap" between the screen and the KB. I am thinking about trying to add my own bumpers.


In the meantime I have bought a "Magic Cleaner" lens cleaning cloth (  )
that is 11" x 15" and then trimmed it down to fit my machine. It has helped a lot....

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Re: T480 - Scratches all over the screen

Same issue on t495.

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