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What's DOS?
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Re: T480 TDP throttle

I really hope they do something about this. :/
This is the only thing that I HATE about this machine. If this doesn't get resolve within a month, I guess I'll have to swap this out to units that has a PL1 level of at least 15W. 

You just can't do any productivity with the T480's 5W throttling. Jeez

What's DOS?
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Re: T480 TDP throttle

After several days of struggling with this, I just discovered that disabling the MX150 in device manager seems to immediately fix this problem. Hope this helps someone at Lenovo figure out how to resolve.

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Re: T480 TDP throttle

Its better to undervolt both, and then disable the intel Power management driver and service, then you'd get slightly usable speeds. But disabling a feature you paid nearly 100$ renders my laptop impractical. 


Even then, the undervolts on the graphics card causes instability. Bios update when? TDP fix when? 

Paper Tape
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Re: T480 TDP throttle

I think this is caused by the MX150.

When I using Chrome player youtobe 4k video and use MX150  to dispaly

about 2min , It happend.

My OS is win10 1903, it happend

Please help solve it.

Or no longer choose Thinkpad.

Paper Tape
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Re: T480 TDP throttle

I have exactly the same issues. Sometimes even under almost no load, it throttles itself down to around 400 MHz. Even if the MX150 is not in use. It helps if i put a fan beside the notebook and don't close the lid.

If i have a fan at the side, i can do almost everything, execpt using the MX150. If i do this, thottleing ALWAYS happens. Not to 400MHz/5Watt but arround 800 - 1200MHz.

For me, it sems that the CPU/GPU heat is not the main problem. It is the PL1 from the CPU and GPU that gets too hot. That is something that is not realy fixable, without a design change. This is bad engineering.

If i open the casing and blow some air on the board, i have arround ~1700 MHz/8w. I have to try it with some cooling fins, if that helps.

This is not a real solution, this notebook costs around 2000€. It should not have a flaw like this. Plus, as an extra bad design award, the Lenovo Pro Dock blocks the air vents from the PL1 of the CPU/GPU


Blue Screen Again
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Re: T480 TDP throttle

I purchased my T480 (i7 8550U) one year ago and I must say that this piece of hardware is a real crap as you can't use it for a little bit more demanding office/business tasks (and forget to play any games). After some time of normal business work (and after c.a. 5 minutesof playing any game) core clock drops down to 399 MHZ. To bring it back to its normal level, boot of the laptop is required.

I am pretty sure it is my last not only ThinkPad, but Lenovo in general which I purchased in my company (previously we used to operate on Dell Lattitude lines, but I wanted to try ThinkPad insted as my Dell Lattitude 5550 died after 4 years of running).

CPU throttling issue is known for months and Lenovo have not issued any notice or comment about it nor realeased any bios update fixing this problem

It seems that Lenovo treats T480 users as jerks who spent their money for something what was worth half of this pice or even less.

I think that someone else is a realjerk, but definitely not end user.

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