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T480 - internal speakers "humming" sound

I have recently noticed that my T480 is making "humming" sound into internal speakers when they are inactive (not playing anything). When I mute them (Fn+F1) it'll stop making humming sound immediately.


I also noticed, that killing audiodg.exe (Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation) from taskmanager helps until another sound is played from speakers. It looks like audiodg.exe is unable disable it self into some kind of "inactive" mode.


I'm running lastest Win10 1803 with latest drivers from Lenovo Vantage.

Thank you


EDIT: to closely specify it's behavior.

1) Humming sound always present few seconds after any sound playback. Than within 5 seconds it automatically disappears. It looks like driver enters into some kind of "sleep mode", which looks like OK behavoir. My problem is, that driver seems to randomly stop "sleeping" itself and continues to "hum" all the time.

2) Second thing I have noticed, that humming is not volume related. Intensity is same for 1% or 100% of volume. 0% = silence.

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