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Fanfold Paper
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T480 won't turn on

Hi everyone,


today I upgraded the RAM and the SSD of my T480. I am absolutely not doing this for the first time and I was really careful. I removed the external battery and deactivated the internal battery before starting with the procedure. I used only ESD-safe tools and an ESD-wristband to make sure that the device doens't get damaged by static discharge.

After installing the components, my device would no longer turn on. When I connect the charger, the power led flashes 3x but when I press the powervbutton nothing happens. No fan spin, no lights turning on, absolutly nothing.

I then tried removing the RAM and the SSD and turning on the machine. But that didn't work as well.
After that I tried removing all the power sources (internal and external battery, CMOS-battery), pressing the power button for 60 seconds and leaving the device for 1 hour before reconnecting everything. But it still can't turn it on.


Do you guys have any idea what I could try to make my device work again?


Thanks in advance.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: T480 won't turn on

I would reach out to Lenovo to solve this issue. There are other forum posts about this, that all resolve in them having to send their system into Lenovo or having a repair tech from Lenovo come to them to check the system board.


Sorry no immediate solution..

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Re: T480 won't turn on

Hey resonance were you ever able to resolve this issue? How did it turn out? Sounds like a loose cable somewhere to me... When upgrading my first thinkpad I unknowingly disconnected a cable and it took a lot of time and panic before I had realized what had happened.

ThinkPad T480 | i7-8650u | 32GB | MX150 | WQHD | 72wh
Fanfold Paper
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Re: T480 won't turn on

Hey souldier,


I had to replace the motherboard. I tried absolutely everything, but neither could I find the cause of the problem nor a solution :/

Kind regards


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