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Paper Tape
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T480s Dock problems

I'am the happy owner of a new T480s, like I have been the happy owner on every model T4xxs since T431s.


From the T480s it exchange the dock with a new "Lenovo ThinkPad Pro Docking Station", there not dock in buttom but in the side - and no problem there.


My problem is the funktion of the dock, I do not now about is not working or it is a firmware problem.


Connected to the Dock do I have a Philips 27" monitor with a resolution on 2560 x 1440, and this demand ether a displayport or a Dual-DVI - and I use a DisplayPort connection as I have done with the old Dock since the T440s... And I run with the Windows 10 enterprice solution where I expand the Screen (I see both the laptop and 27" Philips on DVI)


My problem is when I startup, the 27" is 100% black, and I can see on the laptop screen, that it beleave there is conection to the primary 27" monitor - since mouse and login screen is there... Since I can login by Windows Hallo and face recornition by IR webcam, login is no problem...


When it go into sleep it is the same problem. I then have to turn off power on the 27" monitor, then the programs go to the laptop as primary since the 27" is off. And then I can turn on the 27" again, and when this power up everything start to work... But it is verry irritating that it have to take ½-1 min on every statup to get the monitor work... I think it faster without a dock then...


Is my Dock DOA, or do I nead to wait on a firmware update... HELP



Paper Tape
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Re: T480s Dock problems

I stumbled across this which seems to work:  Basically hit Win+Ctrl+Shift+B

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Re: T480s Dock problems

you might want to try enabling the 'Boot Time Extention'  in UEFI/Bios.

You'll find it in the display menu.  

Set it to 10s (max)   and see if it solves the problem.





Fanfold Paper
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Re: T480s Dock problems

We're having major problems with the T480 in the new Pro docks - USB issues, and video issues. We are extremely disappointed in these new USBc docks, and are considering switching brands at this point. 

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T480s Dock problems

Has only found a new solution to the Thunderbolt 3 dock with a T480s?   I have two Hp 27q monitors and just had to send the dock back because after an hour it would start to power off and on.   I need to replace it with something asap. 

What's DOS?
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Re: T480s Dock problems

To solve random monitor disconnects on ThinkPad Ultra Dock (40AJ) with T480, and Other Lenovo Models read this..


Problem summary:

Seemingly at random throughout the day, my Display Port connected monitors will simultaneously disconnect, go black, then reconnect.  It only takes about 6-8 seconds and then it's back to normal, but it always happens at the most inopportune time.  There isn’t any consistency or trigger that I can tell.  Sometimes it will happen two or three times in a day, sometimes once.  Sometimes it will happen when I first get into the office, other times it won't do it until the afternoon and some days not at all!  When it happens it makes the Windows three tone "Doo-Doo-Doo" disconnect sound, followed by the opposite connect sound (the same sounds you hear when plugging or unplugging a USB memory stick). It appears like nothing else is disconnecting, just the external monitors.

I've changed cables, updated drivers, firmware, tried BIOS and windows setting changes, all to no avail.  I even thought it might be power related, so I found a larger dock power supply hoping it was simply maxed out (my dock ports are all full up), but it didnt help.



What is happening is Lenovo System Update is set to automatically check for critical updates periodically.  When it does this it checks in the background silently, with no dialog whatsoever to the user.  Now, in order to check the firmware version of the Displayport and Thunderbolt controllers, it unbelievably shuts them off and then back on again!  Very bush league Lenovo!  Since 99% of the time there isn’t an update, you don’t get any messages.  So it appears to be a ghost in the machine.  Once I turned OFF Auto Updates I no longer have this problem!  I now check for updates manually....



Open Lenovo System Update.

Choose "Schedule Updates" (Left margin)

Remove the Check next to "Enable weekly check for updates".

Click "Save" button at bottom.

Reboot Laptop..



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