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Blue Screen Again
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T480s (MX150) black screen flicker issue


to desribe the issue I recorded it:

So sometimes it is fine, but sometimes I have this flickering issue. And sometimes it gets really bad until the screen goes completely black. Then I have to restart the Laptop. Tilting the screen back and forth doesnt help, so it is not an issue with the hinge. I also have the latest driver for the MX150 and the dedicated intel graphic-scard. I have Win10 (64bit) Enterprise installed.

Is this a known issue and do you have any suggestions?

Thank you

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Re: T480s (MX150) black screen flicker issue

I'd venture a way to narrow this problem down is to see if the flickering occurs on an external display, too? If so, it's likely an IGP driver fault or the IGP at fault


Similarly, see if the power mode settings has any effect?


I had a Sony Vaio that was afflicted by something similar, and it ended up being a bad eDP cable between the mainboard and the screen. Reseating the connector at the motherboard side helped to somewhat mitigate the issue, but the symptoms still persisted until I replaced the cable.


The T480 is likely still under warranty, so if the easy routes are exhausted, then I suppose the next step is to take advantage of your device's warranty protection.

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Re: T480s (MX150) black screen flicker issue

I have the same issue. Also get the screen blanking on an external monitor connected via HDMI. Interestingly the blanking on the external monitor will stop as long as I rapidly move the mouse pointer. No such problem when running linux (though I have disabled the mx150 there), so probably not hardware related. I guess either iGPU/GPU driver or lenovos power management driver is at fault. Maybe this helps, haven't had the time to test yet, though.

Punch Card
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Re: T480s (MX150) black screen flicker issue

Disable "Panel Self-Refresh" in the Intel Graphics Control Panel.. It should be under Power or power options. This fixed it for me on a t480s. Make sure you change the setting for Plugged in and on Battery also.. The 2 choices are on the left of the screen.

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