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Blue Screen Again
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T480s Smart Card reader cable

Our business had purchased several T480s laptops without smart-card readers. Our department has a need to add smart-card readers into our laptops. I reached out to Lenovo support and was informed that the laptops have the appropriate cable already inside the laptop and that we only need to purchase the physical card-reader and install them. 


I removed the back pannel of the laptop and found the appropriate port populated with a cable. This cable was a dual purpose. It is designed to feed both the finger-print reader and smart-card reader. According to page 56 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual the cable should fold/bend and turn 90 degrees and connect into the smart-card reader (when installed). The issue I am facing is that the cable has been cut flat and wrapped in fabric tape. This feels as though the cable was modified at the factory which prevents users from adding smart-card readers after purchase. 


The laptop has a smart-card dummy plug blocking the port and is identified as an "optional" component on the Lenovo website. I am not sure why a modified/altered cable would be installed in the laptop just because the customer did not order a smart-card reader at the time of ordering.


I have reached out to local service reps, Lenovo support and Lenovo warranty department. All of which point fingers at one another saying "go check with these people". So far, no one has been able to point me to a part number or a way to obtain appropriate cable(s) for our laptops. 


Does anyone have any suggestions or information that could help?


Additional Information:

In this support video, we are shown how to replace a smart-card reader in the T480s. The cable shown in the video is simular to mine, athough the cable in the video has the finger print reader portion of the cable cut flat. I've also attached a photo of my laptop & the cut/nipped cable.





Blue Screen Again
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Re: T480s Smart Card reader cable

I was able to find a department within Lenovo that was able to provide me with the appropriate information.

PN# for the Smart Card Reader Cable / Finger Print Reader Cable: 01LX987 or 01LX988

PN# for the Smart Card Reader: 04X5393 or 00HW553


Both can be found on the Lenovo Parts website (switch the search to Part Number lookup)

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