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Paper Tape
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T490 BIOS update missing ECP update?

I've upgraded a Thinkpad T490 to BIOS version 1.44 seemingly succesfully but the Embedded Controller Program version is still showing the original version and not what the update README promised.



  • Original versions according to BIOS UI were BIOS 1.07 and ECP 1.05
  • Upgraded to 1.44 using the linux BIOS upgrade process ( using fwupdate, with no errors. The README claims to contain BIOS 1.44 and ECP 1.09
  • After the upgrade BIOS UI shows BIOS version 1.44 and ECP 1.05


Is the README correct and the same cab-file should contain the ECP update as well? Has anyone upgraded on Windows and actually received the ECP 1.09 update?


Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: T490 BIOS update missing ECP update?

I'm not a linux guy but my understanding is that linux uses a capsule update method which is only for the BIOS.  There is no capsule update for ECP.  So I think you would need to build the bootable USB key and update BIOS/ECP that way.  I know this isn't a very good answer and the readme doesn't explain this, but the version information with change history seems copied from the Windows readme.


I can tell you that using the flash-from-Windows package updates both BIOS and ECP.

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