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T490 With MX250 System has a problem with the throttle movement


 (The second picture is from wowpaladin user. Thank you to the user who gave me the information.)


I once raised the same question, and now I've found additional information, and I'm writing again to understand the behavior of more users.
In a T490 environment, the CPU's available power drops dramatically to 6W when the MX250 (GPU) is loaded.
The first picture is a CPU+GPU load situation, but the second one shows the same thing even though only the GPU is working.
In this situation, CPU operation becomes very limited and the overall system performance is very slow.
I'm feeling this is not normal.
It seems that the bug in the system is causing this serious restriction, but this problem is still being left alone.
Although Bios version 1.52 said they fixed the problem, these symptoms are reproduced.

I am waiting for information from more users who have chosen GPU option in T490 but I think they will all have the same symptoms in the current situation.
I don't want to use a laptop with this limitation as an ideal type.
If more users provide information, it will help us solve this problem.

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