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What's DOS?
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T490 screen freezes - the only way to unfreeze it is to close/open the lid


I bought a T490 a few month ago. I was really enjoying this laptop until very recently when my screen started to randomly freeze (during youtube/netflix videos for example). 

During these freezing events, i am unable to move my cursor or ctrl+alt+del or anything. Completly frozen. I am however still able to hear the sound of the video, which goes perfectly smooth and continue as if nothing was happening. It seems that only the display part of the laptop is going wild here. 

The only way to solve this issue is for me to close the lid and open it again. It always happens when I open new tabs/videos or if I let the computer run for a while without manipulating it (during a movie for example).

I have absolutely no idea where it could come from. It started a few days ago, that's all I know. 

Have any of you experienced similar things ? I hope it is only software-related and not hardware... 

Thank you very much, 


Paper Tape
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Re: T490 screen freezes - the only way to unfreeze it is to close/open the lid


Same story here with my new T490s.

It will randomly freeze when doing simple browsing.

However, it cannot be solved by open/closing the lid only. It require Hard reset.

I have been trying to update all the driver, re install google chrome many times. Update flash player. But I still get random Freeze.

Hope someone could help me with this

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