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T495 High Temperature Issue

Hey All, I have a question regarding the thermals on the T495 configured with the 3500U, 16GB onboard memory and the rest are default factory specs.


When idle, with no application open, and CPU usage hovering at ~10%, the temps are north of 80+C


Similar with the above scenario,with the difference of opening Chrome, the temps will spike up to 90+C


Another scenario where I tried to bulk export raw photos in Photoshop Lightroom CC, the temps will reach about 97C, throttling the CPU frequency down to about 800mhz and auto shutdown after that.


Ambient temps in the room for all 3 scenarios are at about 23-25C.


I have sent this laptop to Lenovo service center and they mentioned that this might be normal for AMD mobile CPUs, from my research and experience using the same generation of desktop CPU, I find that statement being quite ridiculous, not being able to perform simple tasks like converting raw photos kinda makes the laptop useless.


The service center has agreed to take another look at the Thinkpad but I would like some confirmation from Lenovo officially or maybe someone with the same processor in a T495 to chime in on their thermals.


Software used to check on thermals are HWInfo and AMD uPerf.

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Re: T495 High Temperature Issue

Yeah your cooling solution is not cooling your CPU at all.


The way the cooling works with this laptop is that under 60ºC the fan stops and reads 0rpm. When it goes up because of load, the fan starts at 2700rpm and goes up with temperature, never above 80ºC. At idle or even normal to light work, the fan should not even spin up and the CPU is cooled passively. There is something wrong with the cooling system inside your laptop. Needs fixing.



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