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T495s on ThinkPad Pro Dock not detecting dual T24i-10 Monitors

2020-01-20, 18:13 PM

It's a brand new T495 on ThinkPad Pro Dock (40AH0135US). Here's what I've tried so far:


-Reseated all connections and tried differnt DP cables. 

-Updated Dock Firmware

-Downloaded/installed latest graphics using AMDs detect tool.

-Tried a different same model dock.

-Just for fun, we docked a T480s into it and there was no issues. 


After the AMD drivers install, the monitors will work. But if you undock and redock they shut off and won't be detected.

Shutting down the laptop and starting it up while on the dock will detect the monitors. But if you undock, and redock they won't come back.

Lastly, disabling the graphics adappter under Device Manager and re-enabling it will detect the monitors again. But again, if you undock and re-dock, they won't be detected.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions. 


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Re: T495s on ThinkPad Pro Dock not detecting dual T24i-10 Monitors

2020-01-30, 16:26 PM

       I have almost the exact same problem.  Pro dock with T495s.  Two external monitors connected via the two displayport connections on the back on the dock.


      When docked, only the one external display projects.  No other displays are detected.  I lift the lid on the laptop, it will now detect the laptop display as a display and a single external.  Close the lid and it's back to a single display.  You undock the computer, dock it again and this time the other external monitor will project, but still only one monitor.


     The first time i docked the laptop, both external monitor came up, I ran system update and it pulled in a firmware update and some drivers which were applied.  After a reboot it worked for an hour or so, the laptop was undocked for the evening and the next day it would only show to a single external.  I tried 3 different Pro docks, with two different T495's machines and they all did the same thing.


    Levovo support had no answers but to send in the laptop for repair.  I borrowed a USB-C dock from a friend, connected both external monitors using the dispayport connections and it did the same thing.   The USB-C Dock has a VGA port, so i connected one monitor VGA and one displayport and now it works perfectly.


  I would love to know what Lenovo is doing about this.  I need to research the Basic Dock which I believe has one displayport and VGA.

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