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Blue Screen Again
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T500 3G connection

I've always used my T500 (2243-64G) with Wi-Fi and LAN connections, nut now I need to use a mobile 3G connection.


I see a little slot for a SIM card close to the battery, but I don't understand if my laptop has the card to manage the connection.


I'm searcing for old datasheet, but I don see anything useful.


What can I do?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: T500 3G connection

AFAIK, a SIM card must be in that slot if you have a subscribed to broadband account.  That requires a monthly fee to the provider.  An easier solution, if you do not have built-in broadband, is to use a USB broadband modem obtained from a provider of choice, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc., along with their provided software access.


I use my Droid phone's hotspot that has a Verizon subscription with my T510. Before that, I used a Sprint C777 Expresscard modem along with Sprint software.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T500 3G connection

I've a SIM with a Vodafone plan for the 3G connection.

My PC has already a SIM card slot near the battery and I wish to know if this slot it is only a "empty hole" or if there is a 3G card.

If no, I'll buy a Vodafone modem, but if in the PC there is already a 3G modem, I wish to know how to activate this and not to spend other money for another 3G modem.



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