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Paper Tape
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T500 Base System Device and PCI Device issue

Hello everyone,


I cant seem to find the right driver for the Base System Device.  Earlier this morning, I had 4 ?s named Base System Device (under Other Devices in the Device manager).  Once I ran the ThinkVantage System Update, the other 2 Base System Device have disappeared.  How come I still have 2 listed that need to be updated?  Also, the PCI Device has a ! sign.  Any ideas?


I've already tried running the system update, and installed the Ricoh 4 in 1 card reader. 


Thanks for your help.

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Re: T500 Base System Device and PCI Device issue

Hello vondorsupport,


please take a look at these thinkpad superguide.

May be it will provide some usefull information for you.

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Paper Tape
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Re: T500 Base System Device and PCI Device issue

Hi there


To solve the PCI Device

Install Intel AMT (Local Manageability Service and Serial Over LAN (Intel AMT 4.0))


just incase you still have PCI Simple Communicaiton Device

Install Intel AMT (Management Engine Interface (Intel AMT 2.6))



For the Base System Device.. I am surprise to hear that it still appear after installing Ricoh 4 in 1 card reader.

do you have a SmartCard reader as well? maybe you need to install a driver for that as well if not, try uninstall the Ricoh 4in 1 and install it again


 hope these info help.

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Re: T500 Base System Device and PCI Device issue

Bug in Ricoh 4 in 1 card driver installation

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Re: T500 Base System Device and PCI Device issue

this worked for me. Using Windows Vista Business on T500 Thinkpad. Just update driver by browsing the drivers folder and hope you downloaded the right driver. took me a couple of weeks to install necessary drivers. And the whole Dual video drivers AMD 3650 and the Intel Video drivers thing is really unnecessary. Don't know when I would use that or if I can use the switchable graphics mode on the laptop. BTW, does anyone know how to use the Switchable graphics mode on the T500?

What's DOS?
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Re: T500 Base System Device and PCI Device issue

Had the issue with base system device(2) entries in device manager. System automatically loaded the Ricoh driver after OS install to windows 7, so I thought it was ok. I installaed the Ricoh driver from the computer(Lenovo T500) website and that took care of the missing drivers.

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