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T500 Login Screen Sleep Issue

Usually this problem occurs when I just leave my computer on. I have the setting enabled where if the computer is on for like 15 minutes or so it will resume with Login screen.


The problem is, when I wake the computer up, I'll click the Login with password button (i have a fingerprint reader but i dont always use it to logon) and when I enter my password and press enter it just freezes.


there seems to be little blips of acitivty from the HDD but it is pretty constant and the only solution is to do a hard restart which I hate to do.


this only happens every so often and I suspect that an update to the fingerprint software is the cause or something, this never happened when I first got the laptop but its becoming more and more frequent.


Laptop stats are as follows: T9600 processor @ 2.8 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 2 GB Turbo Memory, Vista 32 Bit, All Lenovo Updates are installed and up to date


I've also had suspicisons that the turbo memory could be the cause as my startup times do not seem to be much better than any other laptop I've used.

Posts: 8
Registered: ‎10-23-2008
Location: Dayton, OH
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Re: T500 Login Screen Sleep Issue

Okay I've found a solution but in doing so I've located the source of the problem.


When you use the Sleep Button on the Windows menu (or sidebar which I use) the computer will sleep just fine and return from that state just fine.


It's when you lock the computer and it goes to sleep automatically that the problem of the computer locking up and not being able to rouse it from sleep where the problem occurs.



(I always keep my computer up on the latest updates so I'm fairly sure this hasn't been corrected)


again I use a T500 that was purchased a little more than a year ago.



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