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Blue Screen Again
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T500 Ultrabay Caddy



Sorry for all the pestering, but I was hoping that the good people on this forum could help me out with yet another thing. I am looking into buying an ultrabay caddy to stick my hdd for an old notebook into my new T500 (SSD).


What is the difference between the first HDD adapter listed on the Lenovo site and the ultrabay III option?


And is there any way someone can confirm that this would be a genuine purchase?

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Re: T500 Ultrabay Caddy

The e-bay one doesn't look right. Pull out your DVD drive - there is a piece of plastic that sticks out at the end of the drive that slipps into the machine. My ulatrabay slim adapter III also has that.  The version II was designed for T400/T500, version III has a slightly different bezel shape to match the T400s exactly. It looks/works fine in my T400 - just angled a bit rather than flat.  Not sure what the first one on the lenovo site is.

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