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Paper Tape
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T500 WiFi Performance Issues (Intel 5300) - help!

I just recently purchased a T500 as a replacement for my existing T60p.  The new one came with an Intel 5300 AGN card and Vista Business 64.  I've been slogging through the process of downloading and installing all the ancillary stuff (printer drivers, etc) and found out last night that what I thought was a network problem in performance is really a T500 wifi problem.


Downloading stuff from intel over WiFi - 4.1kbs

Downloading stuff from intel over Ethernet - 500+kbs.


I thought perhaps this was an issue with my wifi, but on my T60 -  downloading stuff from intel over WiFi - 600+kbs. So its not the wifi.


So its something with the T500 and possibly the 5300 card. 


I note that this version shipped with some fairly strange WiFi configuration - Intel WiFi STA as the offered wifi interface with the 5300 well hidden.  I'm tempted to try and uninstall the WiFi STA and see if that improves things.


I've also tried updating the WiFi to the newest intel drivers without luck (drivers updated, but didn't improve performance).  I've played with power settings and various other twiddles - also without luck.


Anyone have any ideas?


I may see if I have an old AR wifi card and replace the 5300 with it...




Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-01-2009
Location: Washington, DC
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Re: T500 WiFi Performance Issues (Intel 5300) - help!

After trying a few more things including removing the Intel My WIFI drivers, I decided to try swapping out the 5300 with an older AR based ABGN mini PCI card.  So I pulled off the palm rest and key board and pulled the various connections and screwdowns needed to remove the card. 


Unfortunately, the AR card is double sided - it wouldn't lay flat in the slot.  So I replaced the 5300, screwed everything down, reconnected the antennas, replace the keyboard and palm rest and replaced the battery.  I powered it up and low and behold - I'm now getting the speeds I was expecting.  E.g. north of 1Mbs. 


The only thing I can figure is either the antennas were misconnected or just not seated properly.


I recommend reseating the antennas for anyone else who has this problem - probably before trying pretty much any of the other things suggested in this forum - power, twiddlles, etc.




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