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T500 WiMax

Hi All,


I have a T500 on Win 7, with the latest WiMax driver and Access Connections.  For some reason, when I open my Access Connections, I only have the WiFi box checked, and the WiMax box is greyed out even though I have the intel 5300 AGN.  Or am I mistaken, but I thought the 5300AGN handles WiMax?





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Re: T500 WiMax

@T500CU wrote:


Or am I mistaken, but I thought the 5300AGN handles WiMax?



The 5300 does WiFi only, you need a 5350 card for WiFi + WiMax.





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Re: T500 WiMax



Amplifying on Bill's post, the 5100 and 5300 are non-WiMax implementations of Intel's network card family. WiMax is supported by the 5150 and 5350 versions. (Why vendors of advanced systems, including Lenovo, would bother with the lower-performing 5100 and 5150 is a bit baffling.)


Another mystery is that, for many weeks, Lenovo hasn't offered the 5350 card on most CTO systems. We've had to configure recent T400 orders with the 5300 and swap them out (non-economic, but marginally useful as spares) for 5350s acquired elsewhere.  We've been pleased with 5350s and service from this dude in Hartford:


Don't be tempted by others who offer "engineering samples" for a lowball price. Buy the production card. Incidentally, Lenovo/IBM carries the 5350 as a part (FRU #42T0965), but it's pricey: currently, $146.




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Re: T500 WiMax

Dear BAM,


Do you know any way to disable "white list" check for WiFi cards? May be by patching NVRAM?

Does the same check happens with hard drives?


I have X200 and X200s.





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Re: T500 WiMax

Sushizero, From your question, is it fair to conclude you have a 'rogue' WLAN card that errors out? This issue has long plagued ThinkPads (and others) in which "unofficial" versions of supported peripherals are installed--typically, hard disks and network cards. (From reports, currently less a problem for HDs/SSDs than for N/W cards.) Why such devices/BIOSes would embed "white lists" is misguided and counter-productive. And what's a motive--to force purchase from Lenovo/IBM? Nah, more likely a control/support thing--sort of like VIN numbering auto parts. Anyway, haven't had occasion to want to mod firmware to enable an "unknown" device--but someone has. Look around for guidance; let us know what you find. --BAM (From PDA)

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