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Paper Tape
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-17-2009
Location: San Diego, CA
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T500 Windows 7 blue screen on VPN disconnect

Brand new T500 came with Win7 preinstalled. Machine is connected to a Windows domain at work, and I VPN into various clients' networks. Often (not always) when I disconnect the standard Microsoft VPN, the screen goes black, and I see the disk active for less than one minute, and then the system is hung - no response to mouse, ctl-alt-del, etc.. I power down by holding down the power button, then power up. Windows reports recovering from a bluescreen. I have already used ThinkVantage System Update to load the latest drivers for everything.


Any ideas?

What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎01-07-2010
Location: Bulgaria
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Re: T500 Windows 7 blue screen on VPN disconnect

The same problem to me T500 Win7 64 bits 4GB RAM. 2 or 3 time weekly the laptop is accidently stop working with black screen, strange noise and for a while hard drive activity. If somebody knows the solution of this problem will be very good Smiley Happy I updated the BIOS and every kind of driver updates but no changes. There still persist the problem.