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Re: T500 battery replacement

And now for something completely different...


The 9 cell in my T400 is a little over 3 years old.  It still shows ~80% of design capacity.


I run almost exclusively on AC power, but the battery just lives in the T.  I don't ever remove it.  Battery setting is "optimize for battery lifespan" and other than that, I don' t worry about it.


The key here is probably that the cycle count is only 22.



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Re: T500 battery replacement



I read about your battery's post.

I have got one question.


I have a Lenovo t500 2055 model with origial 52Wh Lenovo battery.


You said, that's better for the battery, to charge it to 90% and not more (If I understood right)

Where can i Set this up in the laptop ?

I use win 7 64x ult.


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Re: T500 battery replacement

Welcome to the Forum!


You can set charging thresholds in Lenovo Power Manager under the"Battery Maintenance" tab:

Power Manager charging thresholds small.png


If you do not have Lenovo Power Manager installed, you can download it from the Lenovo Drivers and Software page.

Install the following software in this order:

(1) First, install "Lenovo Power Management Driver" from the Power Management section.

(2) Next, install "Hotkey Features Integration" from the Software and Utility section.

(3) Finally, install "Power Manager" itself. (Version 6.36 you see there is the latest version).


Reboot as instructed during the installation process.


Also read:

Have a great day. (I do not work for Lenovo)
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