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T500 + ericsson F3507g WWAN not recognized in device manager


I bought my T500 when it was few months old and I have been using it over a year. Yesterday I decided to remove intel turbo memory chip, because after installing a SSD it was really slowing down boot time. So I took a look into a HW maintenance guide, took a screwdriver and opened the computer.


What a suprise - I found an ericsson F3507g card installed. I didn't know I had one, because it never showed in device manager. I'm using win7 64bit.


I tried installing drivers, etc., but keep geting the same error: Mobile broadband device not found.

Windows simply doesn't find it.






Ensure WWAN is set active in BIOS


1. Press F1 to boot into BIOS

2. Select Config

3. Select Network

4. Ensure that "Wireless LAN and WiMax Radios" are set to [ON]

5. Press F10 to save and exit.



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htcamze On 2015-02-14, 11:30 AM

i have same issue and follow the same instruction but not showing yet.


I face this problem after upgrading bios to 2.33


Please help me how to resolve it

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