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I am unable to use the fingerprint reader to logon to Windows or to Power on the laptop.


When using Thinkvantage Lenovo Fingerprint Software gives error "Cannot communicate with sensor.  Please confirm the sensor is ready." 


Reinstallation of the Fingerprint driver has been done however problem still persist.



The step provided below will clear the Fingerprint registered on your laptop previously. Once the fingerprint data is cleared, you would need to re-enroll your fingerprints again.


  1. Boot into BIOS
  2. Select Security
  3. Select Finger print
  4. Go to "Reset Internal Fingerprint data"

  5. Press Enter and select Yes

  6. Press F10 and Select Yes
  7. Boot normally into Windows
  8. Click Start
  9. At the search bar, type the following "fingerprint"
  10. Select Lenovo's Notebook Fingerprint Reader
  11. You will then see a splash-screen with a fingerprint reader
  12. Enter your Windows password
  13. Once that is done, register the fingers which you prefer.
  14. Press Ok to save the settings
  15. Reboot your laptop and test fingerprint reader.

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Sorry, it doesn't work.


I ran 'ThinkVantage System Update' on my W500 4062-2XG and after that had the problem as described above. 


Also the 'action center' indicated an 'Install your USB modem driver' problem. Not sure if this is related, but as the fingerprint reader works with USB... Anyway I misclicked the message and had no chance to take care of it in the action center!


The solution described above by JameZ erases all fingerprints. Try this first if you want to conserve your fingerprint information:


1) Follow these instructions to disable automatic driver installation in Windows:

2) Uninstall the Lenovo fingerprint software

3) Uninstall the Authentec True Suite software.

4) Open the Device manager and uninstall the Authentec driver

5) Reboot

6) Re-enable Automatic driver installation. If you don't, the Lenovo SW won't install the driver.

7) Install the Lenovo fingerprint software.

8) Reboot

9) I had to relearn all fingerprints now, as I used JameZ-solution before I tried the above steps.

10) Enjoy your recovered sensor

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