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Blue Screen Again
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Re: T510 Constant Lockups - solved for me

Hi everyone,


Sorry for the very late post, but I was able to solve this problem definitively for my T510.  Systematically debugging the problem, the conflict that I was having was the combination of the SSD and Norton 2010's Disk Optimization feature.  See the links below.


Disabling Norton 2010's Disk Optimization was easier said than done, because I learned from the above links that the Optimizer starts running automatically when the disk is ~10% fragmented, and once it starts running (and it will try to Optimize the whole disk when it starts if it hasn’t been defragged), then it will not stop until it’s done.  So I had to disable the feature (in two places) before the drive was less than 10% fragmented. 

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Re: T510 Constant Lockups - solved for me

I don't have either SSD or Nortons.


My T510 when ever idle for long periods will freeze up, I have to either power hold reset, or wait, sometimes, in minutes or an hour, the unit will start working as if nothing has happened. 


I am running a freshly formatted vanilla Windows7 64bit, but with the lenovo tool box driver install. 


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Re: T510 Constant Lockups

Several people in this forum assumed that things are related to the windows software that was preinstalled.
I strongly doubt about this assumption. I experience the same complete lockups but I run linux fedora (fc14). Strange enough the PC-Doctor did not spot any hardware failure.
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Re: T510 Constant Lockups

Hello everyone,


I am having the same problem with my T510 .  I am running Windows XP-32 bits and Norton Internet Security and some very basic word processing applications (Word) and not much else.


I have tried everything from disabling Norton, disabling some windows services,  and also deleted as many Lenovo pre-installed toolbox programs as I could but to no avail  I still get a locked up system.


I just have to keep shuting it down by holding down the power button. It is just  a waste of time.


The problem occurs whenever I start any program associated with the Lenovo Toobox, Access Connection, Help Center,  or any Power management toos that came with the Lenovo system.  This is really bad since the Access Connection program is needed to fireup the wireless to get on line.  So the system is totally useless for connecting to the web.


 The system simply locks up and there are no entries in the Windows System or application logs to give you a clue as to what is hanging the system. 


In fact, the CPU % stays low at 20% and there is no apparent resource strain. After a while even the task list program on Windows also hangs.



This is very disapointing since I rely on the T-Series and this makes this otherwise dependable brand  a deal breaker.


I am going to try to reset the intel graphics drivers and Windows them as someone here suggested -  to see if that is part of the problem.  But why does Lenovo want to make its customers work so hard to fix this problem?


I really hope this is not part of a wider hardware problem that calls for a full machine replacement.

Thanks for reading.



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Re: T510 Constant Lockups

Does an Ubuntu LiveUSB environment have the same issues?

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Re: T510 Constant Lockups

Hi Adietisheim


I would be interested if you were able to solve the issue. in the meantime

I run Kubuntu and the behaviour I have experienced looks similar to what a lot of people have been saying in this thread.


Typically when scrolling up or down in a browser window the system freezes. It could also happen when I switch fast between windows. It also occurred to me that it freed during boot time. Further it does not seem to have something to do with the RAM as I upgraded from 4G  to 8G and to kubuntu 11.04 64 bit.




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Re: T510 Constant Lockups


I have the same problem. I'm using windows 7 64 installed by myself. The device was shipped without any os. First two month everything was just fine... The first time I  experienced the problem was when I used the external nvidia graphics chip... from this day on i had freezes without any identifiable reason in various situations... i had not the time to reinstall all the stuff, because its alot ;-) but it looks like there is no way around... very anoying problem, everything freeze, nothing you can do to track it down or somthing like that... this my first thinkpad, but already the secon device! the first device shipped was total mess... soundchip after 2 days defect, pixel defect too... Support hotline didn't even speak my language correctly..


I'm very disapointed by lenovo...

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Re: T510 Constant Lockups

I'm also experiencing this issue and was wondering if someone found a definitive solution to this annoying problem?


I have the feeling these lockups have something to do with idle mode. Today my notebook froze two times while I was away for a few minutes. The power plan is set to "Balanced" in Windows 7.

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