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T510 - Location of Windows 7 COA label on system



I just noticed that my T510 does not have the Product key numbers for the installed OS (Windows 7 64-bit), which I find quite strange. My previous three T machines, both from IBM and Lenovo, all have those labels on the bottom cover.


What is going on and what are the possible implications?




windows XP COA.jpgMost Lenovo laptops shipped with the Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 COA (certificate of authenticity) located on the bottom cover.   Over time, wear and tear could render the label unreadable. Note the wear evident to the center of the example label in the picture to the left.


Many newer models locate the lable inside the memory compartment or under the battery.  On the T510, check under the battery.


As a community note, the Vista and Windows 7  COA stickers are not covered by a thin film of protective plastic as were earlier XP stickers and this makes them more subject to wear, which was a reason for the relocation..

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