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T510 T410 W510 ThinkPad high pitched whine


My T510 produceds a high pitced whine noise coming from left/upper side of the laptop, it seems to be the CPU or something close to it.


A temporary solution for me was to lower CPU speed in Power manager (selected Low as Maximum CPU speed), which apparently lowers voltage as well. If it's higher than 0.9375V the noise is back.


The noise is constant if I select Highest in Power manager's CPU speed (voltage is 1.075), and it's intermintent when I select Adaptive (voltage is jumping from 0.9735V to 1.075V)


 - No, it's not fan - this has been checked.


 - It's not the power adapter (I've tried one from my T61)


 - It's not CPU idle-ing or sleep state


These symptoms can occur on a small percentage of T410 / T510 / W510 systems.  Since there can be multiple causes for what users can describe as high frequency noises, the following should be tried to isolate the sound to either the USB controller or CPU speed step function.


1) CPU Power Management.   Boot the system into the BIOS Setup Utility (F1 on a power on) and change the CPU Power Management setting to "Disable" from the default of "Automatic".  This setting can be found in the BIOS Setup Utility at -> "Config" -> "Power" -> "CPU Power Management" -> Disabled


Press F10 -> Yes to save the settings, then boot Windows and listen for the noise.


2) USB Hub controller.  Boot the system into an account in Windows that has Administrative privileges, and disable all of the USB hubs in Device Manager.  This can be done by under "Start", then "Control Panel", "System", "Hardware" (for XP only), "Device Manager", "Universal Serial Bus controllers", and then right clicking on each "USB Root Hub" and choosing "Disable".  



You may need to reboot Windows after making this set of changes.  After making these changes, boot back into Windows and listen for the noise.


If the high pitched noises are elimiated by either of these two setting changes, and the system is in warranty, please contact Lenovo support for assistance.   If the sound that is heard is not affected by either of these setting changes, then check for other possible causes including the hard disk, after marketing memory, microphone & audio settings, or AC adapter pack (try unplugging and see if sounds occur on battery).

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Dakl1ght On 2015-09-04, 18:36 PM

It works also with T450s  thanks!

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