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Earlier today I opened up my T510 for maintenance. In doing so, I removed the keyboard. After putting everything back together, the TrackPoint/TrackPad, mouse and all mouse buttons did not work.


I had not removed the TrackPad. I then removed the keyboard several times to make sure that it was properly installed and connected and to check for physical damage - there was none.


The keyboard is working though.


This could be a result of a cable latch being incorrected secured. 


This workaround was contributed by a member of the community:

The TrackPad is connected to the motherboard through a cable labeled as a speaker wire in the Hardware Maintenance Manual, which is visible after removing the keyboard bezel and TrackPad from the system.


There will be a small latch to hold this cable in place and connect it to the motherboard. 

Check that the secured and unsecured states for this latch are in the right positions. 

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