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Blue Screen Again
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T510: TrackPoint scrolling hesitates and left single click often ignored

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Issue 1:

When I vertical scroll in a web page (Chrome & MSIE) by dragging TrackPoint (stick) while holding down left UltraNav button, the cursor moves but the web page fails to scroll, or demonstrates scroll latency of about .5 to 1 second behind the stick movement.  Sometimes, I have to try a couple times to get the scrolling to occur.


Issue 2:

Very often I must double click on UI buttons and web page links with the UltraNav button, when I should, traditionally, only have to click once.


Received the T510 about 7 days ago.  i5, Win7 64bit, integrated graphics.  I've disabled all eye candy and set theme to classic.  Updated to latest available UltraNav and display driver.  I've tried just about every adjustment in the mouse and UltraNav settings, going as far as disabling the touchpad and touchpad filters.


Synaptics driver info:

Driver provider: Synaptics

Driver date: 3/24/2011

Driver version:

Download from:

File: 6hgx37ww



This is truly annoying and I'm about to return this laptop.  I hate to resort to that.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  I've used a T43 and T61 for the last 7 years at work and never had this issue.  I love T-model Thinkpads, but this is a poor experience.

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Re: T510: TrackPoint scrolling hesitates and left single click often ignored

1. Does vertical scroll work elsewhere? Like in Adobe Reader or a long Wordpad document?

2. Same here; do clicks work elsewhere?

I've only seen the delay when my CPU is being maxed out and SynTPEnh.exe doesn't intercept the middle-drag in time.
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