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My wireless LAN adapter is not connecting to any of my near wireless routers. I opened up Device manager, and checked under "Network Adapters"; and it was just  not showing up. (I can see my Ethernet LAN adapter though). This configuration was working fine just before I went to sleep last night and I have verified that other devices can see the wireless router.


Here are some things that were tried in the course of trying to reactivate wireless:


  • Toggling the wireless switch on the left side of the laptop
  • Toggling Fn-F5 to check for the wireless radio indicator
  • Checked BIOS (pressing F1) Config -> Network -> Wireless LAN and Wimax Radio set to "On"
  • Disabling and enabling the Ethernet LAN and Bluetooth adapters
  • Scaning for hardware changes
  • Reinstallation of drivers
  • I even tried System restore


Ultimately, the issue was resolved by a complete shutdown and then cold boot rather than just selecting Shutdown/Restart.   Seems like some bit just got stuck and power cycling was required to resolve it.


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