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Re: VERY High-pitched sound with T510!!!

I just wanted to chime in as another customer with this problem.  I've got a T510 with the i5 M520, and a high-pitch whine seems to be coming from the top left of the computer.  It's probably just a coincidence, but the whine started for the first time when I hit the volume mute button in that region.  Since then, the whine is intermittent, but does not seem to correlate with further use of the mute button (or any other button, for that matter), use of battery or plugged in, CPU load, use of speakers or headphones or use of the built-in wifi.


I hope lenovo can present us with a solution (even if it's a problem with a supplier's part rather than their specific design).  I'm a little hesitant to install random 3rd party applications to mess with arcane CPU settings.

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Re: T510 + i5 540M = terrible whine noise!

I have the same problem, I could verify that the noise comes from a capacitor on the motherboard, another related problem is that on occasions the screen image fades as if you lose contrast. the solution is to change the motherboard.


T510 4313-CTO

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Re: VERY High-pitched sound with T510!!!

I can't help but agree with BenVis in terms of using third party applications to solve the problem, especially ones that change BIOS settings.


I really wish there was an official response to this problem, especially considering the nature of the problem and the frequency with which T510's are affected.

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Re: T510 + i5 540M = terrible whine noise!

Hi Jorgeirisa,

Have you (or anyone else) actually resolved this problem by having the motherboard replaced?  Did you just call up tech support and they knew what to do, or did you have to go through a whole litany of other possibilities first?  If motherboard replacement is really the answer, I guess that's what I'll have to do.


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Re: T510 + i5 540M = terrible whine noise!



We are looking into this one.  I'm not sure replacing boards is the right answer at this point.


We have one example unit, but it might be good to see another that someone feels is exceptionally loud... any US volunteers?


Best regards,




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Re: T510 + i5 540M = terrible whine noise!

I've sent my t510 i5 in twice related to this noise.  Basically the technicians have addressed whatever the first level call center representitive put in the note regarding the repair, which of course is what I told them I think the noise is related to.  They didn't fix or try to diagnose the problem. 


First time they replaced the fan then sent it back to me.  Second time they replaced the motherboard and sent it back.   The noise is still there.  It truly is terrible.


The techs do not address your problem or do any diagnosis, they don't call you to discuss.  They just sort of take what the rep put in the note and  crank the repair out as quickly as they can.  I never received a call, they don't address the actual problem in my experience.


I guess the lesson is not to speculate to the first level rep what you think the problem may be, just say noise.  This is what I plan to do next time.  I don't particularly need this laptop and will send it back as many times as needed until the noise is gone or Lenovo offers me another solution (like to replace it with a 410 or 410s without the problem).


Since I have the high speed Momentus 7200rpm drive, I'm going to try to swap it out with a lower speed drive and see if the power consumption is lower and makes the noise stop, also that drive itself is noisy on its own.


Mark_Lenovo, how come since I've sent my machine back twice now (and will probably send it back again) nobody has contacted me that this is a known issue?  I would rather hear that and be told to wait for a fix than to just be allowed to send my computer in and have them randomly replace parts hoping I'll go away.

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Re: T510 + i5 540M = terrible whine noise!

FYI I own t410s and it has same CPU and same issue :-)

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Re: T510 + i5 540M = terrible whine noise!

My laptop has this "exceptionally loud" noise.
Will lenovo provide a temporary laptop, if I send T510 to you?
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Re: T510 + i5 540M = terrible whine noise!

Hi Mark_Lenovo,

Any progress on this issue? It seems silly to start requesting parts replacements, but it also seems silly to sit here doing nothing while my laptop drives my office-mates up the wall. If I don't hear anything definite soon, I'll have to pursue other support options, I suppose.
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Re: T510 + i5 540M = terrible whine noise!

I am also experiencing the idle cpu whine on my Y460 with an i5-520m.  I just received this laptop a week ago and am hesitant to enter into potential RMA hell over a problem that may not even be fixable. 

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