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 I have a ThinkPad T510 and when I plug in my ethernet connection, the system sees it as an unknown connection and promptly drops Internet access (although I can still see my local network). Even if I do manage to fiddle it into working, as soon as I reboot the Internet connection fails again. Doing a network repair does not work. Often, the only way to get Internet access is to unplug the ethernet cable.


I've fiddled around with this for hours. I've played with all of the options, as well as 'include ethernet connection in location change' but to no avail. I just can't get the ethernet connection to work consistently.


Does this sound like a hardware or software problem? I'm open to suggestions....


If you are using Access Connections, ensure you have installed the latest version and that you have created a connection profile. Go in the tab Location Profiles in advanced mode and create a profile for your LAN connection.


Ensure the wired profile is elevated to a higher precidence than wireless.


Once past these basic steps, and in consideration that the wired becomes an separate unknown public network and Internet is blocked (and unfixable) until the ethernet cable is unplugged and the system switches to wireless, potential software conflicts should be explored.  


Check for firmware updates available for your access point or router.


Consider additional software applications for file sharing services that may have been installed.


Try checking IP configuration settings:


  • Open windows start menu and select command prompt, or Run and entern CMD
  • From command prompt, enter ipconfig /all and check for returned IP addresses
  • Ensure only a single IP address exists for the system

If two addresses are shown, including a phatom address, access connections may be getting erroneous values from another piece of software or an unused Static Routing table entry or something similar.


See MS article on Apple Bonjour software installed under Vista or Win 7 that can create a address if an IP is not yet assigned before the Bonjour software starts.  Full description and steps to resolved included in MS KB link below.

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