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Re: T520 Battery Rattle (Noise)

Look up W520 loose battery and you'll find the same issue, it's been known for some time. W520 and T520 share the same chassis and battery as far as I know.

Serial Port
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Re: T520 Battery Rattle (Noise)

Isn't loose battery really dangerous?
Paper Tape
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Re: T520 Battery Rattle (Noise)

So I receive a replacement battery last night and yes, the same issue still exists.  I am not very happy about this now.....It's not noticible unless you picku up the laptop, but I bought this unit to be able to take to meeting and now have to listen to the clicking sound arrrgggghhhhh


Sad the customer support says there is no known issue.

Paper Tape
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Re: T520 Battery Rattle (Noise)

Hey Chris (and other's with a similar problem),


I just received my new T520 last night and came across the same problem.  Everything was fine until I picked up my laptop to move around and I noticed how loose the battery was.  I quickly Googled it and here I am. 


I just wanted to let you know that I called Lenovo support and he didn't seem too surprised (it really annoys me when they say "Oh, I've never heard of that problem before" when it's being posted everywhere).  He told me I can either request a new laptop or send it over to the depot to get the bottom housing/casing replaced (I can't remember exactly what it was).  He said it wasn't a problem with the battery.  So, I hope that gives you and the others who have a similar problem some direction!


Good luck!



Paper Tape
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Re: T520 Battery Rattle (Noise)

Hmmm.. Just got off the phone with the EasyServ people and apparently the technicians will just be shipping back my laptop with a new battery.  Oh jeez.

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