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T520 HELP! Will not turn on unless CMOS battery is unplugged

T520 i7

The Problem: Machine will not turn on when button is pushed.

Steps Taken: New motherboard installed. Machine started up just fine. Turned it off and it would not power up when button was pushed. I unplugged the CMOS battery(the little watch battery) and plugged it back in and the power button works once again. Turn it off again and again it will not power up. If I leave the CMOS battery unplugged, then I can restart the machine, but only after I unplug the power cord and plug it back in; kind of like a reset between each poweroff/power on cycle. If laptop battery is inserted, it will not power on no matter what I do. It will only power on with the power cord. Laptop Battery checks out fine. I tried a new CMOS battery as well.


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