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Paper Tape
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T520 USB Ports Repair?

I bought a T520 two weeks ago. The two USB Ports on the left side do not work!

The former user said, he does not know because he used only the USB Port at the back side and never used USB-Ports  at the left side...

My question is:

- could it be that these Ports have  been deactivated (by Controll Panel, Bios), if yes where should I check?

- or are they defected/loose contact, if yes is there a chance for repairing?

Thanks for your help!


Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: T520 USB Ports Repair?

First, look in the device manager for problem devices.  Perhaps it is one hub and you can refresh the driver.  The ports are probably defective.  I have seen several machines of that age and older that have had damaged ports.  It is usually broken insulator (black plastic piece) or bent pins.  In those cases, I used to unsolder the assembly and replace it with one from an "organ donor".  Most shops cannot do that sort of repair and I have found no way to buy the port assemblies.  Lenovo does not do that sort of repair.  The soldering needs special tools.  I used a preheater and a temperature-controlled rework station.  My setup was a minimum configuration for that kind of work.  I have also seen failed signaling ships.  I have occasionally been successful replacing those, but the problem usually affects multiple chips and I do not have circuit diagrams to allow me to diagnose.  Replacing signaling chips requires the same sort of equipment as port replacement.


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Paper Tape
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Re: T520 USB Ports Repair?

Thank you very much Richk for sharing your experiences

Device manager does exactly what you wrote.

I have neither such soldering skills nor special tools. I will ask some friends, who may able to do this work...

Because the both USB Ports at the same place (left side) are defectve, I just hope that maybe problems of connetion cables, which can be fixed. 


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